Eric did a GREAT job tending to my (strike that) OUR #garden while I was gone for 3 weeks! #besthusbandever

# reunited #mansbestfriend #ilovemypuppy #home

Yay, Yum, waiting for my flight to DC, so close yet so far. #must #stay #awake (at Newark Liberty International Airport)

Jim Walsh, vpn is dead. I fly home tomorrow, sorry we couldn’t meet up, would have been cool!

Well it’s almost 5:00… celebrating my hutong navigation skills with a delicious beer! Yes they have real beer in China if you look! #greatleapbrewing

There are worse places to spend 4 hours.. (at Korean Air Business Lounge , Incheon International Airport)

Can’t wait to see my beagle Shelly on Thursday night! Until then this guy will do #snoopy #iheartkorea (at Charlie Brown Cafe, Incheon International Airport)

My favorite kind of restaurant. #snoopy #charliebrowncafe (at Charlie Brown Cafe, Incheon International Airport)

Couldn’t get on the earlier flight but at least I’m in Biz Class for once. KAL lounge here I come! (at At Korean Air Line Lounge Of Incheon International Airport.)

Going back to Beijing today. I’m going to miss Seoul. Everything is so perfect here, even simple breakfast! (at 강남 Coffeenie)